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Career Services


368 S. Case Hall/517-353-6756 

James Madison College is part of MSU’s wider Career Services Network, which serves students from their first year to graduation and beyond through career-focused programming and services. 

Meet JMC’s Career Consultant

Greetings! I’m Karissa Chabot-Purchase, the Career Consultant for James Madison College at Michigan State University. 

My role at JMC is to assist students and recent graduates in exploring the career paths available to them upon graduation, preparing for professional opportunities both during and after college, and connecting with professionals in fields of interest.


  • How do I make an appointment with you?
    By logging into Handshake (you have access using your MSU NetID and password). Click on the “Career Center,” select “Appointments,” and then “Schedule A New Appointment.” You’ll be able to peruse my availability and schedule something that works well with your calendar. 
  • What types of services do you offer?

    I’m happy to assist with whatever career-related inquires you have. Most meetings are spent:

    • Reviewing the resources available to every Spartan through the Career Services Network
    • Exploring career interests and options
    • Creating a professional online presence and/or networking plan
    • Discussing ways to acquire career-related experience and/or pursue professional development opportunities
    • Developing job search strategies
    • Assisting with cover letter and resume development
    • Conducting mock interviews and/or discussing interview strategies and feedback
    • Reviewing and evaluating job offers
    • Walking through the process of applying to graduate and/or law school, including reviewing personal statements
  • What does a typical appointment with you look like?

    I offer 30 minute in-person and phone appointments throughout the week (mornings, mid-day, and afternoons). Log into Handshake to schedule a time to meet that’s convenient for you! You’ll be able to specify what you’d like to cover when you book your appointment. 

  • Do I have to be a junior or senior to meet with you?

    No! In fact, you should plan on stopping in to see me throughout your time at MSU. This allows us to collaborate on developing a plan that we can continually revisit and revise to ensure you’re doing everything necessary to bring you closer to your career-related goals. 

  • What happens when I graduate?

    You have access to Career Services through MSU for the two years after you graduate, so please continue to connect with me as I can be helpful to you!