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JMC Advising Update – Fall 2020

All JMC Staff Advisors will be offering appointments and are available to meet with any JMC student regardless of advisor assignments.

For meetings with Assistant Dean Jeff Judge, please contact Kristie Hess at 517-353-6754 or hessk1@msu.edu.

For meetings with Emelia Hammond, Max Olivero or Lindsay Snyder, please use the MSU Student Dashboard to schedule.

To request a meeting with Amber Benton, please email her at bentonam@msu.edu at least 24 hours in advance.

Since staff will be working remotely during this period, we will assume that all scheduled meetings will be conducted via Zoom or phone call unless otherwise arranged with advisor. Please specify in your MSU Student Dashboard appointment notes if we should expect a phone call or Zoom appointment.

Students should initiate the meeting by calling the advisor or joining the Zoom meeting. Use the staff phone directory or Zoom link for contact info.

We will be sticking to 30 minute appointment times and will need to schedule a follow-up appointment should your meeting begin to run over.

Note about Zoom Meetings: Please do not log into Zoom early, as your advisor might be using the link to meet with other students.

If you have a previously schedule meeting that you no longer want or need, please reach out to cancel or reschedule so that we can offer that appointment to other students.

Group Advising Sessions for First Year Students have been cancelled. A recorded version of the information will be shared with all first year students as soon as it is available.

Please continue to monitor your email and jmc.msu.edu/advising for updates. We appreciate your patience as we work towards serving all students and their advising needs. As always, if you have questions or concerns, please reach out.

Jeff Judge judgej@msu.edu
Kristie Hess hessk1@msu.edu
Amber Benton bentonam@msu.edu
Emelia Hammond ehammond@msu.edu
Max Olivero oliverom@msu.edu
Lindsay Snyder thornh12@msu.edu

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