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Rita Kiki Edozie is Professor of International Relations and is Director of MSU’s African American and African Studies, an academic unit that grants PhD and MA graduate studies degree majors and an undergraduate studies specialization (MSU-AAAS). Her teaching and research interests include African affairs, comparative politics, democratization, transnationalism, pan African studies, and international political economy with a focus on development. She is the author of People Power and Democracy: the popular movement against military despotism in Nigeria, 1989-1999 (2002), Reconstructing the Third Wave of Democracy: Comparative African Democratic Politics (2008), with Peyi Soyinika-Airwele, Reframing Contemporary Africa: Politics, Economics and Culture in the Global Era (2009) and the forthcoming The African Union’s Africa: New Pan African Initiatives in Global Governance (2014) with Keith Gottschalk. Additionally, Edozie has contributed scholarly articles and book chapters to several edited volumes and academic journals.

Professor Edozie is a Lilly Teaching Fellow (2007-2008) and her Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) project focused on interdisciplinary learning and teaching in international relations. Before joining MSU, Dr. Edozie earned her PhD in Political Science from the New School for Social Research in New York City. She was also the Deputy Director of the Institute of African Studies at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). Edozie's current research will apply new international political economy themes - global inequality, neoliberalism, cultural political-economy- to contemporary development trajectories in Africa.


Professor Edozie was promoted to full professor. Her new book, The African Union’s Africa: New Pan African Initiatives in Global Governance, is currently in press with Michigan State University Press and is expected to be on the shelves soon.

Professor Edozie published, “African Solutions for (Malian) Problems: Pan Africanist vs. Pan-Sahelian Global Play in Contemporary Africa” in The Sahel in the Global Power Play by Marcel Kitissou and Pauline Ginsberg (Adonis &Abbey, 2013).

Professor Edozie attended the European African Studies Association Conference on African Studies (ECAS) in Lisbon, Portugal, summer 2013, where she delivered a paper on “Africa's African Union: New Pan-African Initiatives in Global Governance.”  She was a visiting researcher at London’s prestigious School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), and a visiting scholar-in-residence at New York City’s Schomburg Center for Black Culture, where she was also a participant in the research library’s Summer Institute, “Black History 360 Degrees.”

Professor Rita Kiki Edozie (JMC IR Associate Professor and College of Arts and Letters Director of African American and African Studies) is one of six MSU faculty administrators selected for the 2011-12 CIC- Academic Leadership Program annual fellowship, administered through the Provost’s Office.

Professor Edozie has published the journal articles ‘Socially Constructing Democracy and Peace: Nigeria’s National Dialogue on the Niger Delta Conflict’ in Journal of Peace-building and Development (Volume 6, Number 2, 2011) and ‘The Sixth Zone: the African Diaspora and the African Union (AU)'s Global Era Pan Africanism’ in Journal of African American Studies (12 November 2011, pp. 1-32, doi:10.1007/s12111-011-9202-1).

Professor Edozie published "Global Citizens and Sudanese Subjects: Reading Mamdani's Saviors and Survivors" in African Affairs 2009; 108(433):661-667.

Rita Kiki Edozie will have published in spring 2010, "Review of Dambisa Moyo's Dead Aid" in Asian and African Studies.

Professor Edozie attended the 4th Women in Africa and the African Diaspora (WAAD) International Conference "Education, Gender & Sustainable Development in the Age of Globalization," Abuja, Nigeria in August 2009.

Rita Kiki Edozie published Reframing Contemporary Africa: Politics, Culture, and Society in the Global Era (CQ Press,January 12, 2010).

Professor Rita Kiki Edozie's book, "Reconstructing the Third Wave of Democracy: Comparative African Democratic Politics" (University Press of America, 2008), was released on December 18th, 2008.

Rita Kiki Edozie published the following in 2008: "New Trends in Democracy and Development: Democratic Capitalism in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya"in Politikon: South African Journal of Political Studies, (Volume 35 Issue 1: 2008); "Rwanda-Burundi's 'National-Ethnic' Dilemma: Democracy, Deep Divisions and Conflict Re-represented"inSantosh Saha eds. Ethnicity and Socio-political Change in Africa and Other Developing Countries: A Constructive Discourse in State Building (Lexington Books, 2008); "Nigeria's 2007 Election in Comparative Perspective: Democratic Capitalism and the Crisis of Democracy in Africa"in Victor Okafor eds. Nigeria's Stumbling Democracy and its Implications for the Democratic Movement in Africa (Praeger, 2008); and a book review of Tridivesh Singh Maini's "Reviewing South Asian Cooperation and the Role of the Punjabs" in Journal of Religion, Conflict and Peace (Volume 2: Spring, 2008)

In February 2008, Rita Kiki Edozie was part of the Michigan State University delegation to Nigeria, visiting the cities of Abuja and Jos to conduct a series of site visits and present a day long seminar on local government and NGO (nonprofit) best practices. Professor Edozie gave a lecture in Abuja, Nigeria entitled, "US-Nigeria- Comparisons in Federalism and Democracy."


Professor Rita Kiki Edozie published "Emerging Studies in (Southern) African Politics: A Review Essay" in the Journal of Asian and African Studies (Volume 42 (3/4): 353-358, 2007); "Centralization in Nigeria's PDP: Addressing Pluralism in Africa's Democracies" in Santosh Saha eds. The Politics of Ethnicity and National Identity (Peter Lang Publishers, June 2007); "Democratization in Multi-religious Contexts in Africa: Amina vs the (Dis-United) States of Nigeria" in Kamari Clarke's Local Institutions, Global Controversies: Islam in Sub Saharan African Contexts, (MacMillan Working Paper Series, Yale University CT, 2007).

Madison Professor Rita Kiki Edozie is the recipient of an MSU Lilly Teaching Fellowship for 2007-2008.  Her fellowship project is titled:  "Politics & Prose: Reading Across the Curriculum and Teaching in the Public and International Affairs Classroom."  The MSU Lilly Teaching Fellows Program is intended to advance MSU’s continuing efforts to support excellence in teaching and learning through a series of activities designed to focus attention on the art and skills of teaching both generally and in the particular disciplines of a diverse group of faculty.

Professor Rita Kiki Edozie has published People Power and Democracy: The Popular Movement Against Military Despotism in Nigeria, 1989-1999

Rita “Kiki” Edozie has been elected as African Studies Center Advisory Council Assistant Professor faculty representative, 2006-2008.

Rita "Kiki" Edozie will publish "Beauty Troubles: Gender and Difference in Nigeria's Developing Democracy" in Women of the World: Volume II by Joyce Gelb and Marian Lief Palley, (forthcoming January 2007); "Deliberating Deep Divisions, Conflict, & Prospects for Democracy: Rwanda and Burundi Compared" in Santosh Saha eds. Ethnicity and Socio-political Change in the Contemporary World: Politics of Identity (Macmillan/Palgrave, January 2007); and "Emerging Studies in (Southern) African Politics: A Review Essay" in Journal of African and Asian Studies (forthcoming Fall 2006).

During summer 2006, Rita "Kiki" Edozie attended the Leon Sullivan African Summit VII in Abuja, Nigeria from July 17-21. The summit, entitled "Africa: A Continent of Opportunities -- Building Partnership for Success," was jointly hosted by the Nigerian Presidency and the Leon Sullivan Foundation. The summit brought together a number of international dignitaries including, President Bill Clinton, Paul Wolfowitz (World Bank President) and several African presidents such as President Kikwete of Tanzania, President Kagame of Rwanda, and President Wade of Senegal. U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Alphonso Jackson led the U.S. delegation representing President Bush.

Rita "Kiki" Edozie will act as panel discussant and chair at the Association of Third World Studies: 24th Annual Meeting at Winston-Salem, North Carolina from November 2-4, 2006. The meeting is entitled Transnational Challenges, Environment, Integration and Security in the Third World.

Rita "Kiki" Edozie will attend the African Studies Association: 29th Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California, (Re) Thinking Africa and the World: Internal Reflections, External Responses. She will deliver a paper entitled, "Africa's 'Second Wave' Westphalian Republics: The Historical Dimensions of Democratic Development in Africa."

Rita “Kiki” Edozie will be publishing a number of papers, articles and books between January 1 and July 31, 2006.  Her publications include a journal article,"Third World Democracies: Learning from Each Other" in Exploring Conflicts and Conflict Resolution in the Contemporary Third World, Association of Third World Studies Inc.2005; a book chapter "Sudan's Identity Wars in a Global Era" in Perspectives on Contemporary Ethnic Conflict: Primal Violence or the Politics of Conviction?. Lexington Books, 2006; and a book review article "Review of Trade, Development, Cooperation: What Future for Africa?" Africa Today, Spring 2006. 

Rita “Kiki” Edozie will be delivering papers at the following conferences and meetings this spring:  March 22-26, International Studies Association Annual (ISA), San Diego, California, paper entitled "Evaluating Freedom in an Emergent Global Democracy: the regional case of Africa;" and April 23-26, Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA), Chicago, Illinois, paper entitled "Cooperating Against Global Marginalization: the AU, Caricom and the US' Black Caucus on Haiti 2004