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Borcila, Andaluna

Associate Professor

Case Hall
842 Chestnut Rd Room N363
East Lansing, MI 48825


Ph.D., Purdue University; American Studies
Associate Professor

Professor Borcila's current research is in post cold war cultural and literary studies (television, narratives of immigration and return, and travel writing). More generally, her research and teaching are concerned with such issues as the politics of representation and representing others, displacement, encounters between East/West, the construction and intersection of race, gender, ethnicity and nationality, and the role of television as a technology of nationhood. Professor Borcila has published and presented work on the tele-visual gendering of American identity and on post cold war representations of Eastern Europe.


Professor Andaluna Borcila’s book, American Representations of Post-Communism: Television, Travel Sites, and Post-Cold War Narratives, published in July 2014 in "Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies" (book series).

Professor Borcila published "Accessing the Trauma of Communism: Romanian Women on US television news?" in a special issue of the European Journal of Cultural Studies focused on Media, Globalization and Post- Socialist Identities. (vol. 12.1, May 2009, 191-204).

Professor Borcila was an invited contributor to Revolutia Romana Televizata: Contributii La Istoria Culturala a Mediilor (The Televised Romanian Revolution: Contributions to the Cultural History of Media). The Romanian version of the book, which includes Andaluna Borcila's piece, "Debutul Televizual al Postcomunismului" (The Televizual Debut of Postcommunism) was just published (May 2009, Editura Idea, Cluj). The English version of the book is forthcoming.

Professor Andaluna Borcila presented "Teaching Television and American Studies" at the yearly Mid-America American Studies Association conference in April 2007. In July 2007, she taught a postgraduate summer course at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary as part an international team of researchers and scholars. The course, "Media, Globalization and Post-Communist European identities," was an initiative of the research group "Globalization and the Transformation of Cultural Identities in Eastern and Central Europe." The Journal of European Cultural Studies recently accepted a proposal generated by this group of scholars for a special issue on "Media Globalization and Post-Socialist Identities," to be published in fall 2008. Borcila has also been invited to contribute to volume 4 of the series "History of the Literary Cultures of East-Central Europe," edited by Marcel Cornis-Pope and John Neubauer, which will be published at the end of 2008.