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Murembya, Leonidas

Assistant Professor

Marshall-Adams Hall
486 W. Circle Drive, 110 Marshall-Adams Hall
East Lansing, MI 48825




Dr. Leonidas Murembya is an Economic Specialist for the State of Michigan’s Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives and an Assistant Professor of International Development for the economics department and of public policies and programs evaluation for James Madison college at Michigan State University.

For over 20 years, Dr. Murembya has provided crucial economic data and analysis to Michigan’s economic and workforce development agencies, including frequent presentations on the economic trends of the state. His writings include communities’ labor market and population profiles, an evaluation of the green economy of Michigan, several sectoral analyses of the state such as the automotive industry, agriculture, construction, high-tech manufacturing, and others.

Dr. Murembya is also an assistant professor of International Development at Michigan State University. Since 2014, he has developed and taught courses in the economics of sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America; courses in the evaluation of social research and of public policies and programs; and a course on social inequalities in the American society with a focus on Black America. Starting fall 2020, he will also be developing a course on the economics of South and East Asia.

Recently, Dr. Murembya has been involved in capacity-building efforts in Mali with funding from the US Agency for International Development in which he trains select graduate students on how to use available data from international institutions (e.g., the World Bank) as well as data from their own surveys for analysis of agro-economic issues. Dr. Murembya is part of a group of MSU professors selected to train leaders from the conflict-ravaged Northeast Nigeria. His area of expertise is in post- conflict economic and workforce development. Dr. Murembya is also seeking funds to work with the University of Segou (Mali) to develop a program to train and retain trainers.

Dr. Murembya conducted research on the issue of price liberalization and the well-being of smallholder farmers in Malawi. He also worked in Rwanda with Professor Emeritus Donald Mead on issues of microenterprises. Currently, he is working on a research on the labor market experiences of Hispanics in Michigan and is developing a research program in agricultural policy evaluation in Mali.