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Faculty News

Colleen Tremonte Wins Inaugural Presidents Distinguished Teaching Award2016-12-01
Professor Graham has published tenth book: "Turkish-Azerbaijani Relations..."2016-07-15
Professor Linda Racioppi co-edited "Women and Disasters in South Asia" 2016-06-29
Professor Constance Hunt receives ASMSU Outstanding Faculty Award2016-06-15
Professor Colleen Tremonte is director of the IIT program2016-06-06
Prof Lisa Cook co-authors research: Benefits to having racially distinctive name2016-04-04
Prof. Mark Largent's featured in various national publications2016-02-16
Prof. Mark Largent's op-ed "Michigan's vaccine policy is the right compromise" 2016-02-01
Professor Mark Axelrod is featured in the Nov issue of MSU's Engaged Scholar2015-11-09
Kirstin Brathwaite has guest post in international blog, Duck of Minerva2015-09-17
Prof Jezierski appeared on WDET's program "What is Your Ideal America"2015-07-21
Prof Chandra study: Public debate could be key to strong economy2015-07-01
Prof Aronoff co-authored op-ed "Two-state resolution of Israel-Palestinian confl2015-04-09
Prof Yael Aronoff receives MSU John Hudzik Emerging Leader Award2015-04-09
Jennifer Sykes' study "Dignity and Dreams" appears in the Amer. Socio. Review2015-04-01
Prof Ross Emmett's lecture on Thomas Piketty's Capital in the 21st Century is on2015-04-01
Dean Garnett is speaking in India at Nat'l Ag Science Congress2015-02-04
Prof Largent publishes new book about Reyes Syndrome2015-02-04
Prof Mark Largent comments in national media about vaccine debate2015-02-04
Prof Ken Waltzer's work featured in film "Kinderblock 66." Will be shown at UN2015-01-28
Read Prof Mark Largent's op-ed "New rule on vaccines unlikely to help with compl2015-01-15
Professor Chandra studied the evolution of the 1918 influenza pandemic2014-10-22
Professor Mark Largent discusses Ebola hype on WILX-TV2014-10-22
Professor Yael Aronoff publishes article in Foreign Policy2014-09-11
Professor Mark Axelrod discusses his research on United Planet Faith & Science I2014-08-06
Professor Borcila publishes book American Representations of Post-Communism...2014-08-05
Professor Siddharth Chandra's research featured in the news2014-07-09
Professor Constance Hunt receives prestigious award2014-04-18
Professor Yael Aronoff publishes new book2014-04-18
Prof Grant's commentary in Ed Week: "Obama's 'Brother's Keeper' Effort..."2014-03-24
Associate Dean Julia Grant publishes book "The Boy Problem..."2014-02-11
Professor Blumberg's book "Victorian Sacrifice" Nominated for Award2014-02-06
Professor Chandra published ""The Influenza Pandemic of 1918-19 in Sri Lanka: it2014-01-16
Mohammed Ayoob's book "Will the Middle East Implode?" has been published2014-01-09
Professor Pegler-Gordon quoted in Chronicle of Higher Educ. article2013-11-26
Professor Chandra published, with JMC students, "How powdered cocaine flows acro2013-10-21
IIT Fellowship Program in its Sixth Year2013-08-13
Prof. Largent blog post "Is Jenny McCarthy a Threat to Public Health?"2013-07-26
Professor Folke Lindahl Receives Outstanding Study Abroad Award2013-05-01
Read Mohammed Ayoob's article "Peace Deal for Turkey"2013-04-02
Prof. Largent Accepts Job as Associate Dean for Lyman Briggs College2013-03-25
Professor Chandra published "Deaths Associated with Influenza Pandemic, etc" 2013-03-13
Lisa Cook publishes working paper "Distinctively Black Names in the American Pas2013-02-28
Professor Lisa Cook featured in MSU's Engaged Scholar2013-01-15
Read Mohammed Ayoob's article in Todays Zaman2013-01-09
Professors Hunt and Tremonte help MSU secure grant to prepare future faculty2012-11-28
Professor Ayoob featured in MSU's "Engaged Scholar"2012-11-01
Read Prof Ayoob's article "Turkey must beware the Syrian quagmire"2012-10-09
IIT Fellowship Program is in its fifth year2012-09-27
Prof Mark Largent to speak on the Autism Debate at the NY Academy of Medicine2012-09-26
Read Mohammed Ayoob's article "Can Muslim Brotherhood unite Egypt?"2012-06-05
Read Professor Ayoob's article "Assessing the Arab Spring in its second year"2012-04-10
Professor Racioppi has won the Smuckler Award for Advancing International...2012-03-14
Read Mohammed Ayoob's article "Why Israel really advocates war on Iran"2012-03-14
Mohammed Ayoob policy brief for Institute for Social Policy and Understanding2012-02-16
Mohammed Ayoob: "Is Europe setting up clash between Muslims and the West?"2012-02-06
Read Mohammed Ayoob's op-ed piece "Turkey's Balancing Act"2012-01-10
Mohammed Ayoob authors article in the CNN Opinion2012-01-09
Read Mohammed Ayoob's article "Can the world live with a near-nuclear Iran"2011-12-14
Professor Gene Burns participated in Yale University colloquium2011-12-07
Read Mohammed Ayoob's recent article "Turkey's Kurdish conundrum"2011-11-14
Professor Chandra and alumni Kelly Steffen and Matthew Barkell co-author article2011-10-12
Mohammed Ayoob authors article in the Guardian2011-09-15
Professor Constance Hunt to Direct IIT Fellows Program2011-08-23
Professor Lisa Cook appointed to presidential council2011-08-10
Professor Kleinerman in the Weekly Standard and NPR2011-07-21
Professor Lisa Cook in MSU news2011-05-25
Professor Mark Largent named Fellow at AAAS2011-05-10
Professor Kleinerman appointed Garwood Visiting Fellow2011-05-04
Professor Lisa Cook receives $157,000.00 NSF grant2011-05-03
Professor Steve Rohs presented his book "Eccentric Nation"2011-04-26
Mohammed Ayoob is Co-PI of Muslim Studies project awarded $100,000.002011-04-07
Professor Gene Burns comments in NPR story2011-03-22
Professor Dan Kramer receives Emerging Leader Award2011-03-22
Professor Michael Schechter is co-editor of new publication2011-03-21
Read Mohammed Ayoob's recent article in Foreign Policy2011-03-18
Professor Kleinerman will present at Montpelier Weekend Seminar in April2011-03-08
Read Mohammed Ayoob's recent article in Foreign Policy2011-03-01
Read Mohammed Ayoob's recent article "The tyrant is dead, long live the military2011-02-21
Yael Aronoff receives 2011 MSU Teacher-Scholar Award2011-02-08
Bryan Ritchie discusses the East Lansing business incubator ENet 2011-01-20
Read Mohammed Ayoob's recent article in "Foreign Policy" 2011-01-19