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Connecting with career opportunities once you’ve identified and thoughtfully prepared for your professional path can be daunting. The below resources are meant to serve as an introduction to what making professional connections will involve. For more advice and to strategize about your specific approach, make an appointment with JMC’s Career Consultant.

Accepting Job Offers

Before you formally accept a job offer check out some of the Career Services Network’s advice. This page outlines standards for accepting an offer, rejecting an offer, dealing with multiple offers, negotiating, a salary calculator, and a warning about reneging on a job offer.

Alumni Career Services

MSU alumni have access to a wide array of resources to help them make career-related connections.

MSU Alumni Lens: Designed to provide career-oriented Spartans high-quality resources, MSU Alumni LENS programming is developed alongside a number of campus partners. Because programming is both in-person and online, Spartans near and far can take advantage.

Spartans Helping Spartans: Spartans Helping Spartans is the pseudo-official blog of the Michigan State University Alumni Association’s Professional and Personal Enrichment team. Spartans (and friends of Spartans) who are interested in collaboration, career-related topics, and compassion head there to connect and swap resources.

Career Fairs

Depending on the size of the event, a career fair can have 20 to over 200 companies in attendance. Grab some tips on preparing for and making the most of the networking opportunities available at a career fair here.

Communication Essentials

Check out some of the Career Services Network’s tips on communicating with potential employers—especially their guidance on communicating over the phone and over e-mail.

Employer Research

Wondering if a potential employer is going to be a good fit for you? Glassdoor holds a growing database of 6 million company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, interview reviews and questions, benefits reviews, and more.


Not sure how to approach a job interview?  MSU Career Services Network has a great mini guide in its Career Passport Booklet to get you started, and its website has a very thorough page that includes tips on: 

  • Preparing for Interviews
  • Interview Questions
  • The PARK Method
  • Interview Don’ts
  • Practicing Interview Skills
  • Interviewing on Campus
  • Phone Interviews
  • The Second Interview

Don’t forget to check out the Career Services Network’s guide for interview appearance and attire, too. It includes tips on dressing for interviews, site visits, and for work (among other things).


A free service for MSU students, InterviewStream allows you to practice for an interview using a webcam. Once you register, the site will help you practice interviewing by providing (and recording your responses to) common interview questions; prompting you with audio-visual feedback on your body language and speech patterns; and allowing you to watch and assess yourself-- or even send the recording to someone whose feedback and opinion you trust.

MSU's Entrepreneurship Portal

Interested in connecting to entrepreneurship-related resources? This website is the one-stop, go-to information source for MSU students and faculty on all things entrepreneurial. Be sure to sign up for the MSU Entrepreneurial List to get plugged into all the entrepreneurial information, events, and other content that will continue to become available at this portal.


The Career Passport has some great advice on networking, including tips on how you can be effective in person and online. You might also find JMC's Networking Prep. Guide helpful.

Any type of networking is going to involve crafting some sort of elevator pitch-a quick introduction to who you are and what professional interests you're pursing. It's a useful way to communicate core information quickly that ideally yields you an invitation to have a longer conversation with someone who might be able to assist with your career-related goals.

Need help developing an elevator pitch? Get started with some tips here and check out a few common pitfalls to avoid here.

Spartan Links

Have you joined the Spartan Links group on LinkedIn yet? The group connects MSU students to alumni working in a variety of interest areas who are able to share insight, advice, and expertise with students and recent graduates. Members of the group regularly discuss general career topics such as resume writing, interviewing, job search strategies, workplace trends, and employment/recruiting trends. Joining will also give you the chance to join a subgroup(s) related to career functions of interest where you can participate in group discussions, read posted articles, and discuss opportunities related to your field.

Thank You Letters

Have you recently connected with a potential professional contact, mentor, or employer? Don’t forget to follow-up on that interaction with a thoughtful note to thank that individual for their time and attention. Check out the Career Services Network’s tips on thank you letters here or in the Career Passport Booklet here.

Transitioning into the Workplace

Making the transition from college to the workplace can be tougher than you'd think.  Check out the Career Services Network's tips on manaing new responsibilities and challenges here.