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Peter Murray

Peter  Murray
  • Director of Facilities and IT Services
  • BA, Michigan State University, Telecommunications | MA, Michigan State University, Telecommunications and Information Technology Management
  • Staff


Peter's role at James Madison can be described as the Winston Wolf of the college, with the personality traits of Geralt of Rivia and Doc Cottle from Battlestar Galactica.

He is the creator of Turbulence Forecast, a website that helps fliers anticipate how much turbulence they will encounter on their flight.

He also consults for MSU Recreational Sports and Fitness Services and has designed an innovative technology infrastructure that supports the two major fitness centers on campus with custom designed applications and processes, and wrote a brand new membership system from scratch in 2020 (much to his surprise).

His email writing style is clearly influenced by Hemingway.


Peter is a 2021 winner of the Jack Breslin Award: "These individuals are nominated by their colleagues as demonstrating the qualities of Jack Breslin, who served MSU as a student leader, honored athlete, top administrator and steadfast advocate, personifying the “Spartan Spirit.” Award honorees display overall excellence in job performance, supportive attitude and contributions to their unit and the University."