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Small Group Visits

Register Online - Due to a high demand for our Junior Visit Days, Meet Madison Days, and individual appointments, we are adding small group visits to accommodate families interested in learning more about James Madison College at Michigan State University. During this visit, you will meet with an academic advisor who can provide an overview of JMC, the opportunities through the college, internships, career paths, and the academic requirements of the program. Each date will be open to up to 5 students and families.

Meet Madison - Visit Program for Admitted Students

These programs have ended for 2017. Dates for 2018 will be posted in January 2018.

Meet Madison Days are visit programs designed for students admitted to Michigan State University who are interested in learning more about James Madison College. They provide a brief overview of the program and the opportunity to meet an academic advisor, professor, and current students. This is not a required program, nor is it a substitute for MSU's Academic Orientation Program (AOP), which takes place over the summer. Admitted students who have last minute questions or would like more information before making their final college decision may find this program helpful.

Individual Appointments

You and your family can also set up an individual appointment to meet with an advisor in the JMC Admissions Office. Please call 517-353-5260 or email jmcadmin to set up an appointment.

Appointments over the summer (May-August) include a meeting with a JMC academic advisor. They do not include dorm tours, class visits, or meetings with students or faculty. Over the summer, James Madison College faculty and students are generally not in session and routine maintenance of Case Hall is being performed. Also, during the months of June and July, Case Hall is the home of the Academic Orientation Program for all students admitted to MSU for Fall 2016, so academic advisors are generally unavailable from Monday-Thursday, 10:30am-4pm. Please keep this in mind when reaching out to schedule a visit.